Five Days

Five DaysWhat's passed is in the past…except when it's discovered in the present. While grounded at home for harboring her lover, Mia is livid – certain her parents can't understand the depth of her relationship. But when she uncovers a hidden treasure, she learns that the generation gap doesn't really exist because secret love is timeless.


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Praise for Five Days

5 Stars Review by Samuel Franklin, author of "Primal Estate: The Candidate Species"
Disclaimer: Wendy Ramer is my favorite romance author. Strange that a former infantry Marine and current law enforcement officer should have a favorite romance author? Not after you read "Five Days". In this raw novel of discovery, Ms. Ramer breaches the fortifications of mature love with the youthful ignorance of her main character. The loose and lusty Mia Joseph discovers the secret records of her own parents' promiscuous pasts and gleans a bit of wisdom from the experience. Between her own lustful liaisons and trips to the attic to access the secret diaries, her mind takes her into the forbidden shoes of her formerly asexual parental beings, and her image of them explodes. Her own romance with Augusto disintegrates as her love and understanding of her parents reaches new heights. Highly recommended as an exploration into our deepest passions. Ensure your schedule is open before you start. "Five Days" is the title of the novel, a lifetime is the duration of its lesson. Samuel Franklin, author of "Primal Estate: The Candidate Species"