Love Letter to Spain: 3 Stories of Discovery

Love Letter to Spain: 3 Stories of DiscoveryOver twenty years ago, Wendy Ramer arrived at the shores of Spain and discovered duende, the magical fire that dwells in the rivers and plains and that made her fall in love with the country, inspiring her to write five novels in its homage. This collection of three stories is her personal love letter to the land that has become her second home.


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They say you can never go home, but writer Jillian Ross won’t accept that. Despite her idyllic life, her days are filled with regret as she yearns for what once was and lives vicariously through the adventurous Morell, a fictional character of Jillian’s own creation. When her fantasy world becomes reality, ghosts are resurrected and Jillian must decide what to do when given the chance to “go home”.

Saffron Dreams

Have you ever had a recurring dream whose details were so vivid you would swear it was real? What if one day you found out it wasn’t just a dream but rather a memory from a life you once lived? Sara Ladau is about to discover that the past fourteen years of her life have been a lie, and the new truth will set her free. But first, someone she loves must die.


No matter how lonely we may feel at times, we are never truly alone. This is the philosophy of American expatriate Samantha King, who sits in mourning at a riverside café in Seville, Spain. On this particular spring day, other patrons include an adulterer, a Venezuelan immigrant, a drug dealer, a heartbroken bartender, the daughter of a polygamist, and an elderly clairvoyant, each unaware of how unexpectedly paths can cross.

Love Letter to Spain: 3 Stories of Discovery

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